The Adoption Process


When you’ve found your new pet, you’re ready to fill out the application! Someone will get back to you within 48 hours of submission.


Once you are approved, a volunteer or foster parent will reach out to you to schedule a meet and greet with the soon to be pet.

Home Visit

After the meet and greet, we’ll schedule a home visit for your soon to be pet to get acquainted with their new environment..

The Home Visit

If the home visit goes well, you’ll start a 10 day trial with your potential new pet! We’ll collect the adoption fee at this time and  will offer full refund of adoption fee if the pet is returned for any reason in the first 10 days.  You can pay the fee via credit card, check, or website donation.

After the 10 day trial, if you decide this furry friend has found their forever home, you can finalize the adoption process by completing the adoption contract. Once finalized, you will receive your new pet’s prior medical records and their microchip will be transfered to you.

There is a standard adoption fee to help offset the costs our rescue incurs. Many of our rescue animals have initial medical needs including heartworm treatment, Feline Combo test, surgery and vaccinations. The adoption fees never fully offset these additional costs, but it does allow us to save more lives and cover expenses.

Effective November 2019, the Texas State Comptroller requires that all 501c3 rescues in the state of Texas also apply a 8.25 % sales tax to the adoption donation.  This is paid directly to the state comptroller quarterly.


Less than 1 year


1 to 9 years


9 years & over



Less than 6 months


6 months to 9 years


9 years & over


Ready to adopt?

Some things to keep in mind.

  • You must be over 21
  • ALL pets in the home must be altered, unless medical reason with vet confirmation is the case.
  • Your residence must meet city and residential requirements for pets, such as size of dog allowed, fence height, etc.
  • If you are renting your home, you must show proof of landlord approval. Please review your rental agreement for any breed restrictions.
  • If you have had a vet in the last 5 years, let them know we will be calling them to discuss your pet(s)
  • As a standard policy, we do not adopt puppies under 6 months into apartments. This is based on history and experience as puppies require ongoing attention and training and can be quite noisy with whining and crying when left alone for extended hours. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.
  • Don’t forget to check out our adoptables! If you find one you would like to welcome into your home let us know! We also recommend attending an adoption even to find your next furry friend!

Make a Difference


Looking for opportunities to help? You may be able to foster a cat or dog while we look for a permanent home.


If you can’t adopt or foster one of our cats or dogs, you can help them get what they need by making a donation.