About Us

Our Inspiration

For six years, I had the amazing opportunity to be on the board and leadership team with an all-breed dog rescue, Cody’s Friends Rescue. In the summer of 2017, as I entered a local shelter to save a dog for CFR, a 7 week-old kitten was dropped on the floor. He had clearly been attacked. Instead of leaving with just the CFR dog, I left with the kitten, too. I took him straight to the vet and posted his story. An amazing community of supporters donated and prayed for this young thing, Max. After a week in the hospital, having his tail and ear amputated, and discovering he would be blind in one eye, he came home with me.


It didn’t take long to realize Max had found his forever home and today his is the loved, spoiled and healthy cat you see here! However, saving Max also gave me a renewed energy and desire to be involved in more than only dog rescue.


It took me a prayerful, soul-searching year to find the courage take the action, but here I am. After much discussion with my family, dear friends and Rescue Partners, in 2018 I successfully launched A Voice for All Paws, an all PAWS animal rescue.


While we advocate and support “all paws”, our focus as a rescue is on cats and kittens.  We quickly found that in order to provide the absolute best care for our rescues, we needed to stay focused.

One Hand. One Paw. One Voice.

Nancy Stephenson

Who We Are

We are a new 501c3 “All Paws” rescue organization based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. While the rescue itself may be new, the faces behind the rescue have been involved in rescue for many years. We saw a need and hope we can work together with other rescues and the community to save more lives!

Our Mission
To inform and educate the community while saving the animals in need: one hand, one paw, one voice.

Make a Difference


Have space in your heart and home? These sweet cats and dogs are looking for kind owners to rescue them.


Looking for opportunities to help? You may be able to foster a cat or dog while we look for a permanent home.


If you can’t adopt or foster one of our cats or dogs, you can help them get wha they need by making a donation.