Foster Application

Please complete the application below.

Foster Application

General Information

Must be 21 to Foster
I agree to care for fosters in accordance with AVAP policies.

I understand that AVAP will inspect my home yearly and may perform an inspection without notice at any time I am housing a foster animal for AVAP.

I agree to keep my own pets current on all vaccinations and all pets in my household are spayed or neutered.

I understand that AVAP is the legal guardian of the animal(s) at all times.

If the AVAP Board, or AVAP veterinarian determines that any foster animal is suffering or is unadoptable according to AVAP guidelines, the animal may be euthanized.

I agree to notify AVAP immediately if a foster animal sustains illness or injury, or becomes lost.

I understand that I may not abandon the animal(s) and will only transfer the animal as instructed by AVAP.

I understand that I am NOT authorized to take an animal to my own veterinarian for medical treatment unless preauthorized.

I understand that I am NOT authorized to move an animal to another home or location without prior approval from the Foster Coordinator.

I understand that medical services will be provided for AVAP animals at the recommendation of the AVAP veterinarian or AVAP board only.

I understand that expenses I initiate without approval will not be reimbursed.

I agree to return the foster animal(s) immediately upon request to AVAP.

I understand that animals that appear healthy may be infected and not show symptoms until after I have brought them into my care.

I agree not to take my foster dog to a dog park.

As a foster, I am not guaranteed the ability to adopt my foster or any other animal in the adoption program.

As a foster, I must follow all adoption procedures and must meet the criteria as an adopter at the time of application.

I understand that as a foster parent I can provide valuable input into the most suitable home for a foster animal and this is taken into account during the adoption screening process. However, AVAP will have final authority on placement of an adoption animal.

Fostering is not without risk. I understand that AVAP is not responsible for:

o Damage to my personal property caused by foster animals
o Illness or injury to my own animals caused by foster animals
o Personal injury caused by foster animals
o Costs incurred as a result of unauthorized veterinary treatment of foster animals

I understand that fostering has several obligations as a volunteer, including but not limited to:

• Feed, shelter, socialize, groom, and medicate foster animals in your home.
• Begin basic obedience and other training (i.e., housebreaking) with the foster animals in your home.
Ensure the safety of foster animals in your care and do not leave them outside alone.
• Keep your own animals current on all vaccinations.
• Observe and report to Foster Coordinator as much information as you can about your foster animals’ personality, behavior, and special needs.
• Report any medical or other problems regarding foster animals in your home to the Foster Coordinator or AVAP Board Member.
Stay updated on the Adopt-A-Pet schedule and transport your foster animals to and from Adopt-A-Pets.
• Make your foster animal available to be seen during the week if necessary.
• Respond in a timely manner and coordinate with the AVAP medical team to get your foster animal to all medical appointments.
• Comply with AVAP philosophies and policies and act as a representative of the society.